Monday, November 26, 2012

Made It!

On a freezing cold Saturday morning, I finally stumbled out of the woods and onto the shore of the mighty Lake Huron, thus completing the 230 mile Shore To Shore Trail. Shortly later my friends from Camp Champaign met me in Oscoda and treated me to a fantastic lunch and a couple of delicious craft brews at Wiltze's

Stayed tuned for upcoming posts on the hike, hunting and logging, etc... I've got lots to say but for now, I just want to warm up!


  1. those last 3 pictures are great! Can't wait to be there!

    1. It was a fantastic hike. Looking back, I might have done it as a west bounder. There was a long waterless stretch before hitting Oscoda. Could have started there and brought 4 liters with me.

  2. Great job on your hike! You mention having "lots to say" but I'm having trouble finding any other posts about the trail after this one. Did I miss something or have you been too busy hiking the past few years? 😉